Zanzibook, young publisher

Zanzibook is a mobile and tactile publishing company. In other words, Zanzibook employees live around the world and all of our books are digital.

Zanzibook wasn’t born yesterday!

Years ago, young backpacker Vanessa Pol wanted to create a collection of books about children around the world entitled Les récrés du monde (“Playground around the World”). Alas, too soon! Another adventure awaited: For five years, she worked for a major communications group in Paris, and then caught the image-making bug with such fervor that she opened her own talent agency! This unexpected chapter had her representing photographers, illustrators, and art directors.
One passion followed another, not ever quite alighting for good, until she pursued the dream of married life and truly settled down. And yet, even this seeming stability led to a radical change of course: drop everything and grow! She set sail on a catamaran with her family for a four-year, around-the-world tour. Baby Gabrielle, a happy offshoot of this international exploit, was born in Columbia. Her older sister made new friends everywhere they went – at school, on tiny islands, in remote villages.
Now, for Vanessa, there was no longer the shadow of a doubt. She had met them, worked and played with them, shared memorable moments with them…Who? Why, the children of the world, of course!
Childhood, travel, images, history...Four hobbies, four passions, four links in a storytelling chain to create tales for today that keep up with the evolving times of our planet.

Her dream: “Tous à Zanzibook!”

A dream of sharing powerful, modern-day messages. The desire to make readers think, to give children and their parents the very stuff that dreams and fun are made of! Sharing the thirst to explore, to be open to the world and all its variety. And to accomplish this by working with talent from around the globe: an illustrator in Brazil, an author in France, a composer in India...
Zanzibook is about sharing this spirit of freedom.

Follow us! What makes our books so appealing is how easily they fit into an exciting new world on the move.

Zanzibooks are currently only available through the Apple Store. Our next objective is to spread our wings much further, so that everyone wanting to read our books can do so, regardless of their mobile media! Our motto could well be “Tous à Zanzibook,” the flipside to the French title for novelist John Brunner’s brilliant, yet grim, Stand on Zanzibar. Why? Because we approach the world with the certainty that, in our outstretched hands, we are offering the very best of ourselves.

Happy reading, everyone!
The Zanzibook team

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