The Lulu and Zazou collection

Travel the world with the Lulu & Zazou collection!

A little girl named Lulu and her cat, Zazou, are the two protagonists in a series of interactive applications called The Lulu and Zazou Collection.
Each of the collection’s applications is tailored to children aged 3 to 10 and follows our two companions on their travels through a specific country.
The adventures of our two companions lead them and their young readers to explore different regions and landscapes, along with local arts, wildlife, and music. They also discover how people in the country work and play, what they eat, and what sports they enjoy!
The interactive applications contain mini-games and are both educational and fun.

Lulu in Australia - Volume 1

Lulu in Polynesia - Volume 2

Lulu in the Amazon - Volume 3

Illustrated by Stéphanie Bertault
The Lulu and Zazou interactive children’s books are about exploration, discovery, joy, and laughter…in every corner of the world! Give your kids the exciting gift of travel. They’ll love it! download it now :



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@Reading Buddies
It is very entertaining and easy to navigate.
@Mike Bowen
A fun and interactive storyline/gameplay with a good flow to it.
This book is my kids' favorite. We are so glad that there are more books in the store in the series. This is a hit!
Highly recommend! WOW what a wonderful adventure my boys and I took with Lulu & Zazou.
This has much replay value as your children will want to exprience this time and time again.
@Starlight Kauai
My daughter just loves this app. And it's cute, well made, sweet games, keeps her busy again and again.
It's an immersive, interactive, early geography experience around 30 minutes long and has appealed to everyone from my 4 year old to my 9 year old. They all highly recommend it!
My grandson and I are enjoying exploring Australia with Lulu & Zazou. Lots of fun things to do.



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