10 Best Kids Book Apps + 1 more

Awesome applications for children, selected by Zanzibook
Having trouble finding good apps for kids? We’ve put our expertise to work for you! Here you’ll find 10 + 1 applications that are some of our absolute favorites. We love them because they’re smart, effective, and comprehensive.
For children ages 3 to 10, for iPad and/or iPhone.


Nearly 50,000 downloads per application, kids and parents adore these book-games, and we love them, too! - Universal applications

If your child hasn’t yet had the pleasure of a Zanzibook, now’s the time to give him or her this window to the world. The applications are popular with kids young and old and are intuitive, fun, educational, and have mini-games throughout the story! If you want your kids to experience world travel to broaden their horizons, this is how!

Barefoot World Atlas by Touch Press and Barefoot books

Having the world at your fingertips – it’s a must! This application reaches a broad age range, because there’s something for everyone. Animated animals for younger kids, encrypted information for an older crowd, and fun for parents. The earth rotates at your fingertips - it’s beautiful, educational, and informative! We believe this atlas is simply indispensable.


L’escapadou is an apps publisher like no other. Their applications are simple, clear, and very effective. We particularly like the “free space” that is routinely provided in their teaching tools.

With Word Wizard (talking movable alphabet and spelling tests for kids), your child will come to love the spelling as he or she is invited to write words. A very natural synthesized voice lets the student know if the spelling is correct. At the same time, your offspring will have fun writing crazy, amusing words, making them up just for the pleasure of hearing them spoken by the app. 100% educational and truly entertaining. An excellent application!
In the same spirit and with the same success, the latest app from L’Escapadou: Montessori Numbers (math activities). Tremendous!


Bugs & Button - Bugs & Bubbles from Little Bit Studio

Eighteen mini-games per app with superb graphics! Smart mini-games that inspire reflection, precision, or are just pure fun, all with great, catchy music for Bugs & Buttons and softer music for Bugs & Bubbles. Two absolutely perfect applications! Must-haves.

Tous les Toca Boca - Universal applications

This publisher is reading your kids’ minds! A better term might be a “digital toy publisher.” Their theme is “a day in the life.” Your child pretends to be the merchant, the barber, the cook, the doctor. Their applications’ architecture is perfect, with funny illustrations. This publisher truly has its own style - it’s 100% fun and clever!


Bobo Explores Light by Game Collage LLC - iPad only - Ages 6 and up

This is an exceptional book that will take up 200 MB on your iPad. It is very exciting and complete. Children ages 6 and up will open this book many times and become unbeatable know-it-alls on light, how it was discovered, how it works, and more, because there is at least one hour of content with very informative videos. A superb job – enlighten your children with this ASAP!


Editions Auryn - Universal applications, some only for iPad


If you’re looking for stories, we recommend books from Auryn, Inc. This publisher has a wonderful, classically styled book catalog that will take you back to your childhood. Masterful interactivity - we love it! Choose from their catalog.


Drawing Pad by Darren Murtha Design - iPad only

This is an app with a capital A for drawing and developing kids’ artistic talents! It’s intuitive and very complete. The child draws/paints with felt pens, crayons, pastels, paints. Each of these tools has an incredible color palette. Young artists can also use stamps, stickers, pictures from your picture library, chooses his or her paper (great variety here, too)... And, because your child will be proud of his or her creation, s/he will save it and send it to friends and loved ones, if so desired!


Face Imake by Hanoch Piven - iPad only

This is a great, very comprehensive app. Choosing from hundreds of everyday objects (kitchen utensils, musical instruments, toys, candy, etc.) your child (or you) creates just what he or she wants to. You assemble, duplicate, paste, rotate, zoom...to make real, one-of-a-kind designs! Yes, you are an artist! Ages 5 and up.


Play Boost 2 by Jonathan Lanis - Universal application


A fast and futuristic race with nifty visuals and energetic music. Each segment is short and swift! A perfect pick-me-up when you’re lagging a bit before your meeting!

We hope we’ve helped shed some light on awesome apps for tots! If you’ve enjoyed this selection, pass it on for others to enjoy – it’s not always easy to find good applications in the AppStore, and good apps mean good times!

‘Appily yours,
The Zanzibook team

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